A mix of the Baoulé traditional expertise with the French elegance,
La Maison de luxe Sanvê Paris was founded by Diane Tiacoh in 2014.

The area of fashion inspired by the African Continent is about
to emerge...

Each creation is carefully  designed with cotton thread handwoven by Baoule craftsmen respecting the pure tradition since the 15th century from father to son .


The baoulé fabric and Haute Couture are the preferred materiel used by the Sanvê Paris’s house.


A cultural thread, a bridge between France and Ivory Coast, Sanvê Paris reinvents luxury with its unique items, each telling a different story through the details, the colors the design.

a designer who find her own path

Diane, the creator of Sanvê, of franco-ivorian origin and living in Paris, has indeed found her own key with this project. This fashion line;, combining both tradition and modernity, Baoule crafts and French refinement, opens her up to a new life. 


Sanvê was born under the sign of rebirth  and this is the promise of a long way.